Free Half-Dayers return for festival

Sixteen one hour comedy shows across successive Sunday afternoons for Birmingham Comedy Festival 2018.

Birmingham Comedy Festival’s Free Half-Dayers are back, with 16 free shows across two successive Sundays (7 and 14 October 2018).

Taking place at Cherry Reds and The Victoria pub, in John Bright Street, Birmingham (just a few yards from Grand Central and New Street Station), Birmingham Comedy Festival’s Free Half-Dayer: Part One (Sunday 7 October 2018) features a revival of classic 1960s radio series Round The Horne (with much-loved characters Ramblin’ Syd Rumpo, and the legendary Julian and Sandy); sketch duo Good Kids (who are nominated for the festival’s EG Breaking Talent Award); Northfield’s acclaimed Lindsey Santoro; Lusia Omilean tour support Aaron Twitchen; and Cherrybomb Comedy host Tom Ham; plus Danny Clives, Alex Hylton, Jay Handley, and Star Trek fan Rik Carranza.

Part Two (Sunday 14 October 2018) sees appearances from multi-award-winning The Elvis Dead creator Rob Kemp, with his new Wheel Of Shows; Edinburgh Fringe veteran Mickey Sharma; Coronation Street’s Gareth Berliner; classic Chicago style long-form improvised comedy troupe Fat Penguin Improv; and Josh Pugh and Phil Pagett’s Knowledge Club. They’re joined by James Cook, Hannah Silvester, and the return of the game show with a difference, Board Game Smackdown.

Mixing stand-up comedy with music, sketches, games, and more, all hour long shows are free (donations encouraged), with performances starting at 1.15pm and concluding at 6pm.

No advance booking is required, simply turn up, drop in, and see as many shows as you like. Visitors are also free to go back and forth between both venues.

Jim Beam will also be there serving Jim Beam Bourbon Highballs.

The award-winning Birmingham Comedy Festival runs from Friday 4 to Sunday 14 October 2018 with over 70 performances across the city, including appearances from Ab Fab’s Joanna Lumley, James Acaster, US comic Rich Hall, Infinite Monkey Cage’s Robin Ince, and Hospital People creator Tom Binns, as well as theatre, art, podcasters, burlesque, and more.

Jim Beam Highball presents Birmingham Comedy Festival Free Half-Dayers at Cherry Reds and The Victoria pub, John Bright Street, Birmingham on Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 October 2018 from 1.15pm. For more information see:

Rob Kemp's Wheel Of ShowsLISTINGS

Jim Beam Highball presents:
Birmingham Comedy Festival FREE Half-Dayers
Two days, two city centre venues and 16 shows. All shows are FREE/ by donation/ Pay What You Want, no booking required, just pop along and see as many shows as you like …

PART 1: Sunday 7 October 2018


Aaron Twitchen: Can’t Catch A Rainbow – Never let anyone stop you. They can’t stop a rainbow if they can’t catch the end of it. A comedy show about friendship, love and wine from Luisa Omielan’s tour support. 1.15pm

Lindsey Santoro: Looks Like A Boiled Egg – Join Northfield’s Princess as she recounts tales of misadventures in life for your amusement. 2.30pm

Ham & Clives: Bang You Out – Prepare to get banged out by the pairing of Pleasance Comedy Reserve star Danny Clives and Cherrybomb Comedy resident host Tom Ham. 3.45pm

Rik Carranza: Still A Fan – Rik is THE fan of Star Trek. But what happens when obsession becomes too much? A show for everyone who knows that fandom goes beyond merch’, conventions and trivia. 5pm

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN


Alex Hylton: Everybody’s Different And I’m The Same – Join one of Huffington Post’s Must See New Acts of the Edinburgh Fringe as he tries to find out what makes him so special … 1.15pm

Good Kids – Cult sketch-comedy cowboys descend for an hour of wicked-ass mayhem. Put your phone in your pocket and your giggle boots on ’cause this one’s the big one! 2.30pm

Jay Handley: White Jesus – Jay shares wrong-headed opinions on matters he should leave well alone. When not at the Fringe, he can be found arrogantly inflicting his world view on audiences across the UK. 3.45pm

Round The Horne: Resuscitated – A fond revival of one of the most popular radio comedy shows of the ’60s. With fave characters inc Ramblin’ Syd Rumpo, Charles & Fiona, and Julian & Sandy. 5pm

The Victoria pub, 48 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN

PART 2: Sunday 14 October 2018


James Cook: Sarcasmic – Brum comic James returns with a new show. It’s called ‘Sarcasmic’, so we suppose it must be like a sarcastic orgasm or something. 1.15pm

Hannah Silvester: Unique Child of the Universe – Join the award-winning comedian as she bangs on about all kinds of stuff in front of a lunch-time crowd. It’ll be lovely! 2.30pm

Gareth Berliner: I Paid For 50mins Of Your Time – Gareth is a funny bloke who’s prepared to invest financially in you as an audience. But you better be a good one or he may want his money back! 3.45pm

Mickey Sharma – Mickey is a professional with five Edinburgh Fringe shows under his belt. He brings his best hour to Brum! 5pm

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN


Fat Penguin Improv: The Armando Diaz Experience
Classic Chicago style long-form improvised comedy delivered by the high-paced Fat Penguin crew. Featuring some of Birmingham’s best performers. 1.15pm

Josh and Phil’s Knowledge Club
Podcasters Josh Pugh and Phil Pagett present a lecture on the importance of education. You’ll find out why learning can be fun, fulfilling, and so on. 2.30pm

Rob Kemp’s Wheel of Shows
Feeling the pressure of unexpected success after last year’s award-winning The Elvis Dead, Rob returns with the non-committal, impostor syndrome-motivated Wheel of Shows, featuring 10 show ideas! 3.45pm

Board Game Smackdown
The funniest festival comedians play board/ card/ party/ table-top games live on stage. Hosted by award-winning comedian and UK board gaming champion James Cook. 5pm

The Victoria pub, 48 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN

For more information, see:
Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @bhamcomfest


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