Feature: Bigger Than Barry Records & Tantrums

With many people’s ears still ringing from the launch party for the new EP Champloo from bass-loving, guitar-wielding upstarts Tantrums, we thought we’d cast your minds back to our magazine feature on their label Bigger Than Barry Records, set up by the superlarge club promoters of the same name. We got the lowdown on Barry’s appetite for world domination.

Brum’s favourite underground ravers turned bona fide record label moguls at the back end of last year with a selection of free download-only mixtapes from the likes of resident DJ Shorterz and dubstep hopeful Enigma, winning the backing of the likes of Toddla T and Annie Mac.

Since then more remixes have followed, included reworkings of A Secret by Scarlet Harlots and there’s more to follow this year, starting with the Tantrums EP, more releases from Harlots including live favourite Halcyon and a Barry-fication of tracks by new Tantrums recruit and singer-songwriter Little Palm.

But in true Barry style, the plans don’t end there. In fact the ambitions are to be well and truly mammoth.

“We want to take over the world,” says Tom from Bigger Than Barry, aka Shorterz.
“We just want to get bigger and better so it’s a self-reliant entity.
“At the moment we are doing everything on a shoestring, doing favours for favours.”

Regulars at any Bigger Than Barry events will know variety is the spice of the fat man’s life, with a soundtrack feeding on everything from house, breaks and electro through to dubstep, grime and indie, and the label’s approach is no different.
“The way the label is we don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves to one sound.
“We represent what the Barry event is about, which is a wide variety. We don’t just do house, garage or indie we want to cater for a wide audience,” Tom says.

“It reflects what Barry has always been about as well which is getting everyone to have a party,” adds Sam, fellow Barry crew member and frontman of Scarlet Harlots.
“We’re breaking a lot of unknown acts but we’re trying to get to the point where we can work with established producers and get that big airplay on radio.
“A lot of our profile comes through the nights and a lot of the reputation was born out of that.
“We’ll be taking the record label over to Ibiza which is all good exposure and the first physical release should be coming out in the summer,” he says.

But despite the desire to fatten up Barry to go global, Tom and Sam insist it is important to keep the music rooted in Birmingham.
“We share a lot of love for local talent, with West Midlands and Birmingham-based producers coming through, it is a good platform,” says Tom.  “We are doing it for the love.”

For details visit www.biggerthanbarry.com.

For details on Champloo, the new EP from Tantrums, visit www.tantrums-the-band.com.

Listen to a selection of their tracks here:

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