Buzz Bin: Byron Hare, ‘Twisted Sister’

Byron Hare have already lived something of a rock & roll life, and that’s without even mentioning drink, drugs or further dalliances. They’ve split up, moved to pastures new, and, perhaps realising where their true passions lie, reformed Byron Hare again. It’s a move that has paid dividends, for ‘Twisted Sister’ is a song as satanically satisfying as its title suggests.

The band, who have topped up a raft of admirable support and festival slots this year alone, have created a beast that bridles and bursts without ever bloating. Lilting, jaunty but with a ferocious undercurrent, ‘Twisted Sister’ succeeds by both sounding loose and regimented.

Beginning with a gently striking, ’60s-inflected drum motif and sultry, yet stand-offish, boy/girl vocals, the song changes tack with each verse – as it progresses, the swirling organs grow in stature, the haunting vocals gain prominence and the distortion’s crunch develops a more menacing, urgent crunch. By the end of the song, it’s almost completely changed ethos into a stadium-sized rock-out, all bulging veins and a wall of guitars that could crumble Berlin at its most belligerent.

‘Twisted Sister’ is everything you expect from its title and more; let’s hope their other family members are this fun.


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