Six of the best things to do in Birmingham this Halloween 2017

It’s that time of the year to take a walk on the weird side. Here’s your guide to some of most frighteningly cool, terrifyingly wild and, and just plain strange things happening in Birmingham this Halloween.

Murder by Gaslight

Where: The Coffin Works, Fleet Street, Jewellery Quarter

When: Sunday 29 October, 4:30pm-6pm

What: A perfect early evening bit of theatre with a few mates. This isn’t your average-skeleton themed panto, but an in-depth bit of Victorian historical theatre exploring the lives (and murders) of two renowned poisoners, made all the better for the fact it takes place in a vintage factory that once made coffin-handles.

How much: £8.50 a ticket

The Haunting – A Nightmare on Lower Trinity Street

Where: Rainbow Venues, Bowyer Street

When: Saturday 28 October, 9pm-4am

What: Digbeth’s crowning nightlife jewel is the latest venue for this ever-popular Monster Mash. There will be costumes, some of the best DnB, acrobats, voodoo, clowns and more. There might not be you if you don’t book soon, however, as it’s filling up fast.

How much: £33 a ticket

Day of the Dead UV

Where: Pryzm, Broad Street

When: Friday 27 October, 10pm-4am

What: Broad Street can be a scary prospect at the best of times, but this is possibly the most in-your-face spookfest that the strip has to offer this weekend. The Day of the Dead theme takes place throughout the weekend, but if you want a spooky ethereal glow, then the UV night promises to be one of the brighter nights.

How much: £5 a ticket

Conjurer’s Kitchen presents Saw

Where: The Electric Cinema, Station Street

When:  Tuesday 31 October, 8pm

What: It’s a time for classic scary movies and the bone-splitting Saw has become just that. This is a viewing with a difference, however. Food artist Annabel de Vetten is adding a whole new sense of horror with food served throughout that promises to be tastily (yet disgustingly) thematic. This event is very nearly full, so get clicking!

How much: £22.50 a ticket

Even Stranger Things

Where: The Night Owl

When: Saturday 28 October, 9pm start

What: The first Stranger Things was immensely popular, and the hype only continues to build around the second. Are we talking about the show or the party? Both! Enjoy an eclectic selection of soul, ska, Motown, and 80s tunes to go with an 80s Horror theme.

How much: £5 advance, though will accept more at the door


Where: National Forest Adventure Farm, Tatenhill

When: 26-31 October, 7pm – 11pm

What: One of the more infamous scare walks, well-known for ace props and actors who really give it their all. The perfect chance to laugh at whichever of your friends freaks out the most. If you went last year, they have a new occult/demonic themed scare that’s especially good for tricking the more superstitious of your pals.

How much: Varies depending on night and package


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