Bank Holiday Weekend take two: Streetfood Speakeasy & English Wine Takeover

Streetfood Speakeasy at Amusement 13

No more waiting for KingshEATh to roll around to get your Brum Yum Yum fix. This weekend will see the launch of their weekly ‘Streetfood Speakeasy’, an event that offers the chance to make an entirely uninhibited after-work slide from gorging to drinking to dancing.

The most exciting thing about Speakeasy is its promise to shake up a solid butpredictable formula, shipping in traders from all over the UK and orchestrating some pretty hefty collaborations. The menu for the opening weekend – a three-day special to accompany Birmingham Pride – reads like the ultimate binge fantasy: brisket pastrami, smoky chicken, pulled pork, bruleed lemon pie (multi-talented meat-zealots White Heat, relative newbies to the scene); twice-cooked chips, truffle oil, beef shin chilli, guacamole (James Hipkiss of Fancy Fries, tipped by us last month). Just a bit of everything, please.

Incredibly, with rumours of tasting menus and sharing plates, it’s possible to do exactly that. Plus, resist the temptation to have a clandestine dirty evening alone with your wildest culinary dreams and there will be sofas, service, beats and one-off cocktails with which to enjoy them.

Streetfood Speakeasy at Amusement 13 (71 Kent Street, B5 6RD) launches this weekend with a three-day Pride Weekend special, open 5-10pm on Friday and 12-10pm on Saturday and Sunday. Entry is free. Visit the Facebook page or follow Brum Yum Yum for more details.

White Heat


English Wine Takeover

Those who do not like foreign wines coming in and stealing our supermarket shelf spaces can make their feelings known this Saturday at The Bond, where a week of grape-based celebrations will culminate in a Producers Festival. Expect a civilised affair set in a gorgeous urban village, all cobbles and scones and champagne beside the canal. Tickets are £15 and mean tasting every kind of English wine thinkable from both big-name and small-scale producers.

English Wine Takeover’s Producers Festival will be at The Bond (180-182 Fazeley Street, B5 5SE) this Saturday 23rd May, 12-5pm. Tickets can be bought here .

English Wine Takeover




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