Arts preview: Not Paying Artists Is Bad For You…Discuss


Should artists get paid when galleries display their work?  Well, obviously – but in reality that’s not always the case.  Paying Artists is a nationwide campaign with the goal of bringing about a policy of fair remuneration in order to safeguard the sustainability and diversity of the UK arts scene.  Grand Union’s Cheryl Jones and Eastside Projects’ Ruth Claxton are regional advocates for the campaign, and are this week organising an event to highlight the issue and work towards a solution.

Not Paying Artists Is Bad For You…Discuss takes place at Eastside Projects on Tuesday (May 19), with contributions from a range of local arts personages, including Mac director Dorothy Wilson, Birmingham Museums Trust director of collections Toby Watley, Birmingham Open Media’s Karen Newman and Brum-based artists including Stuart Whipps and Sophie Bullock.

The event begins at 6:30pm.  Attendance is free, though booking is essential – book here.  To find out more and support the campaign, visit or email


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